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Getting started


You are viewing a version of the documentation that is currently under active development.

Before you start

Welcome to the Single Digital Presence (SDP). Before you start working with the DPC team there are a few tasks to complete.

  • Request access to JIRA

    For issues needing more than a quick helping hand, having access to JIRA will allow you to raise tickets with the SDP team in JIRA Service Desk.

  • Request access to Slack, Lagoon and GitHub

    Now that you can create tickets in JIRA Service Desk, send us a ticket with name, email and GitHub handle and ask for access to the following:

    • The Lagoon Dashboard allows you to check the status of your builds in Lagoon.
    • DPC uses Slack for ad-hoc help. Ask for help here, but if it is complex we will probably get you to raise a ticket.
    • There are GitHub repositories for both the front-end and back-end applications that you will be working on.

Install dependencies

Create SSH key pair

Setup Lagoon CLI

Download and setup Lagoon CLI. Latest (releases)

    # Example here is for version v0.11.6. Instructions may vary from different versions


    sudo cp lagoon-cli-v0.11.6-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/lagoon

    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/lagoon

    # To test your installation
    lagoon list projects

Setup Pygmy-Go

  • Drop-in replacement using latest release
  • After installation, run:

    pygmy-go up

Setup Docker

Build Tide and Ripple

  • Current version:
        npm > 6.14.13
        node > v14.17.2

You're now ready to build projects locally. There are instructions in the files of each project.