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Tide is an API first, headless content management system using Drupal 8 and maintained by SDP.

Custom built to meet Victorian Government requirements, it offers:

  • multi-site content distribution
  • pick and mix features
  • centralised feature governance

The profile is a mere collection of Tide modules bundled into governed, stable and tested Drupal installation profile.

All modules and a profile have automated tests to guarantee that a set of all modules at specified versions is always stable.



  • Composer vendor namespace: dpc-sdp
  • Composer Drupal profile namespace: dpc-sdp/tide
  • Composer Drupal modules namespace: tide_*.
  • Drupal profile namespace: tide.
  • Drupal modules namespace: tide_*.
  • Drupal profile machine name: tide
  • Drupal modules machine name: tide_*


See Modules chapter for more information about modules.