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This is an overview of how Ripple can be used in different SDP projects.

See development/frontend-website/setup for more details on development with Ripple and getting started.

Using with Nuxt

Most SDP websites use Nuxt for Server Side Rendering (SSR) and developer experience amongst other advantages. Read the Nuxt documentation for usage -

Using in a Nuxt SDP project with a Tide backend

See Ripple Nuxt Tide for using Nuxt with the Ripple Nuxt Tide package. This package adds data fetching capabilities via the the Tide Drupal JSON API as well as a module based system for extending content types and other functionality.

Using in a Nuxt project without Tide

Ripple can be used in a Nuxt project without a Tide backend using the Ripple Nuxt UI package - See documentation for usage.

Usage in a Vue JS Application (without Nuxt)

Currently Ripple mostly assumes a Nuxt environment, however it can be used without Nuxt in a Vue JS application - See for an example application setup.

Usage in non Vue apps

Currently Ripple is only usable in Vue JS environments.

We are currently exploring options for using Ripple in other environments such as server rendered multi page apps. Drop us a feature request if you have a specific use case: