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What is Ripple?

The Ripple is the front-end layer of Single Digital Presence , an initiative of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. It provides a single source of truth for styles, components and patterns when creating digital experiences on SDP. It is both a Vue JS component based design system and a site builder using Nuxt.

For more information about key concepts of Ripple see the Concepts section

Who is it for?

Ripple has been created to build websites for Victorian government departments and agencies. With a user-first approach that enables a common user experience, Single Digital Presence (SDP) makes it easier to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.

Ripple is open source and available for Victorian State Government departments and agencies and their vendors to create consistent experiences for content rich websites.

How do I use it?

Ripple is open source and more information about its usage is available via its GitHub repository -

Ripple is distributed via Node package manager NPM, more information about the various packages that make up Ripple is available here

For information about how you can use Ripple in a project see Usage

For more information about Ripple site development see Development - Frontend Website