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SDP project covers implementing a Drupal distribution to build a content repository containing site sections and providing content for frontend websites. It also provides of technical implementation to build fully independent sites.


Example of content repository is, which has site-sections such as Aboriginal Victoria or Family Violence.

Semi-independent sites are the other sites that have their content centrally managed. An example of such a site is the Office of the Victorian Government Architect site.

Fully independent sites are completely separate installations of the whole distribution.

What is SDP

Project goals

  • Make it easier to find, understand and use Victorian Government information
  • Consolidate 50 DPC websites onto one platform and provide a consistent user experience (UX), as a test case for whole of government application
  • Simplify and standardise publishing
  • Provide evidence base for a user first approach
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase security


  • More consistent UX
  • Improved admin interface
  • Improved security and continuous improvement process
  • Cheaper, more scalable and performant hosting
  • Cost savings across government
  • Collaboration between Government and developer community
  • Better developer experience