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Automated builds

SDP uses CircleCI for all automated build (CI) runs.

Build steps

  • Download production database
  • Build a site from supplied composer.json file (dependencies are locked in at specific versions) and production database.
    This builds the site which is identical to the production site before running tests.
  • Check coding standards in custom site code for modules and themes: PHP, JS, SCSS/CSS.
  • Run unit tests (PHPUnit), if any.
  • Run behavioural tests (Behat), if any.

Skipping CI builds

Add [skip ci] to the commit subject to skip CI build. Useful for documentation changes.

SSH into CI build

Circle CI provides SSH access into the build for 120 minutes after the build is finished. SSH can be enabled once the build is started with SSH support. 1. Navigate to the job page 2. Click on the dropdown in the right top corner and select Rebuild with SSH.

Test artifacts

Test artifacts (screenshots etc.) are available under 'Artifacts' tab in CircleCI UI.