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Accessibility requirements

WCAG AA 2.0 Requirement

All Victoria Government website must be at least WCAG AA 2.0 compliant.

Victorian Government Accessibility Toolkit

The accessibility toolkit is available to assist all agencies in ensuring their websites are compliant with the Victoria Government standards.

Extra Requirements

The aim for the SDP project is to go beyond the requirements and focus on ensuring the sites are truly user friendly for users with accessibility needs. The DTA has published a blog article about this topic, There is also a good presentation here on some of the things to think about when building for accessibility. Some steps that should be required either per ticket or at least for the UAT process are:

  • Colour Contrast. Check colour contrast in a tool such as
  • Accessibility checker. Ensure the automated tests in Monsido have run over the new functionality.
  • Keyboard only. Push the mouse away and try to operate the screen. You should be able to navigate with the keyboard only.
  • Screen-reader only. Turn on a screen-reader such as NVDA or VoiceOver and turn off the screen (or look away). All essential content should be read out and you should be able to navigate the screen.

Design Considerations

  • High colour contrast is good for colour blind users; it also helps users view a website on a mobile when in bright sunlight.
  • Text over images should be avoided where possible. Some things to consider:
    • Can the text colour change?
    • Can the Image change, thereby changing the colour contrast?
    • Can a solid background colour be applied to the text to ensure visibility

Content Considerations

There are minimum requirements for WCAG compliance, however, if the users need is considered, the actual requirement should be more defined.

  • alt and title text fields help people to understand visual elements without being able to see them. Read through this explanation from WebAIM,
  • alt and title text are required, however users should be able to override this when required. For example, purely decorative images that offer no useful content to the user should not have alt and title text and should be ignored by screen readers.
  • Try to avoid just copying the title text into the alt text field.
  • Videos should always have captions; look at the YouTube auto CC when using YouTube.
  • When creating links, try to avoid content like 'Click here' or 'here'. A screen reader will read the link as something like "Leaving list | visited link | here". Better link text describes what the user will get to, visit the Governors website.

Technical Implementation

  • For images, alt and title text fields should be made mandatory. There must be the ability to override this when adding images that are decorative.
  • alt and title attributes must always be present, even when they are blank.
  • Ensure headings are hierarchical; try to always ensure that headings on a page will be read in order.
  • Use aria-live on any dynamic sections. See