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Bay is a fully managed platform and hosting environment that provides an open Platform as a Service model managed by SDP. It is an open-source hosting platform based on Lagoon which allows agencies to build, test and deliver websites via the cloud.

Bay is a Kubernetes-based (OpenShift) Docker container hosting platform with auto-scaling, auto-recovery and high-availability at core.

Bay is based on open-source project Lagoon.


Lagoon solves what developers are dreaming about: A system that allows developers to locally develop their code and their services with Docker and run the exact same system in production. The same Docker images, the same service configurations and the same code.

The platform has several layers (from the bottom to the top):

Bay stack

The AWS layer is how the platform is physically hosted. It is spread accross multiple data centers to allow auto-scaling, fault-tolerance and disaster recovery.

The Kubernetes layer allows to automate deployment, scale, and manage containerized application.

The OpenShift layer is a Kubernetes distribution with enterprise-grade features and support.

The Bay layer is an orchestration tool used to bundle containers into projects and manage deployments.

The Application layer is where Drupal, NodeJS and other types of application reside.

Architecture overview

An over-simplified Bay platform architecture overview:

Bay components

Requests coming from the Citizen to the load balancer and then get directed to the dedicated containers in specific data centre (not necessarily the same for all containers). These containers are provisioned, auto-scaled and auto-healed using Orchestration Tool Box.

Developers have identical development stack installed locally.

Automated builds in Continuous Integration servers use identical container images.

In this way, all environments are running identical versions of languages, frameworks and libraries required for a particular website.


  • Docker vendor namespace: dpc_sdp
  • Docker images namespace: * (service name)