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What Single Digital Presence offers


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Single Digital Presence (SDP) is an open, flexible technical solution that government agencies can use to reduce the cost and effort of digital development.

SDP is about making it easier for citizens to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.

SDP is a project of the Digital Design and Innovation branch at the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Benefits of SDP

  • Get more done for less
  • Spend money on innovation instead of duplication
  • Increases collaboration across agencies and beyond
  • Continuous improvement
  • Secure, supported
  • Easy to use and administer
  • Write once, share everywhere

About SDP products

SDP offers three products that can be used independently, or as a package:

  • Bay is the infrastructure and hosting layer.
  • Tide is the distribution layer.
  • Ripple is the front-end presentation layer.